Pelosi Driven Off Stage By “DREAMers”

This morning, Nancy Pelosi was speaking at a press event in San Francisco when the room was invaded by more than 100 demonstrators claiming to be “DREAMers,” i.e., people who were brought to the United States illegally when they were young. The demonstrators took over the event, drowning Pelosi out and eventually driving her from the room. Their complaint was that Pelosi and her fellow Democrats have sold their families out in their negotiations with President Trump. (Actually, no agreement has been made and very possibly no agreement will be made, so their complaint is premature, just as the complaint by many conservatives that Trump has sold out his anti-illegal immigration base is premature.) This video shows what happened:

Many Americans are sympathetic to the “DREAMers” and favor a resolution of their status that allows them to remain in the U.S. The more people who see videos like this, the less support the “DREAMers” will have.

My only other observation is that the Democrats seem powerless to resist the far Left. We have witnessed a number of similar scenes, and it is hard to think of one where a Democrat has responded effectually. I think the reality is that the Democrats lack any intellectual framework or perspective from which they can object to the incipient fascism of their most enthusiastic supporters–or, as in this case, critics.


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