The campus free speech crisis in a nutshell [UPDATED with comment by John]

In the video below, a student at the University of California who has stolen the “Make America Great Again” hat of another student defends her theft on the theory that the “f***ing hat” is promoting laws and legislation that are “literally killing people.”

The video illustrates not only the campus free speech crisis, but also the staggering stupidity and blatant racism of the students who are generating that crisis.

UPDATE: This article identifies the anti-white thief as Edith Macias. This is from Macias’ Facebook page. She has posted a video of the theft, along with this message:

Wearing a Make America Great Again cap at UCR… Youre making the decision to intentionally hurt people. “Make America Great Again” coded “Continue the Genocide of POC”.

You feel safe cuz you got the cops and politicians on your side. Youre not safe… just saying. We need to make racists scared. Issa movement y’all. #SnatchAHat #FuckTrump #ChataFlies #Share #FTP

Macias’ threat, coupled with the consistent unwillingness of college administrators to punish students who curb free speech rights, including violently, highlights the need for legislation that protects free expression. We have discussed such legislation, especially the need to impose discipline on students who disrupt free expression on campus, here, for example.

JOHN adds: This encounter took place at the University of California at Riverside, where my great-uncle Ivan Hinderaker was the first chancellor. The main administration building at UC Riverside is Hinderaker Hall. I can only imagine what he would make of the current state of UCR.

To me, what is most striking about the video is how stupid the woman is. She has no business in an institution of higher education. The University of California system was, last I knew, reasonably selective. So how do people this obviously unqualified gain admission? There is, perhaps, an untold story here.