The Dems 2020 Field Taking Shape

And what a shape it is. The Washington Post helpfully handicaps the top 15 Democratic presidential prospects for 2020, but from surveying the list one wonders whether the Post confused the office of President of the United States with president of the AARP.

There are a few younger candidates from the margins of the long shots, like Mark Zuckerberg (39 in 2020), or Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (49 in 2020), but the real frontrunners are all well past any normal political sell-by date. Elizabeth Warren will be 71; Joe Biden will be 77; Bernie Sanders will be 78. And people say the Republican electorate is getting old.

And then there’s one really old fossil the Post includes on its list of 15 prospects: California Gov. Jerry Brown, who will be 82 in 2020. Seriously? Yes: given than Brown is addicted to running for office, it wouldn’t surprise me if he thinks about it and starts visiting New Hampshire after his term ends next year.

I say we should keep our eye on Hillary. She may say she’s not going to run again, but does anyone really believe that she doesn’t have Gollum-like insatiable hunger for her “precious” Oval Office?