The Lampoon Times

When did the New York Times get taken over by the National Lampoon? It happened so slowly I didn’t even notice.

As has been widely noticed, the Times has been running a series of articles related to the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution, and it is obvious that the Times is still sad that the whole show came to an ignominious end in the early 1990s. (After all, there was one wall that the Times actually liked—at least their Pulitzer prize winning “reporter” Walter Duranty.) The series has produced gems such as this:

Hubba, hubba, comrade.

Yesterday the Times outdid itself:

Memo to the Times: I suspect the “big dreams” of Chinese women was an end to Communist tyranny, which wasn’t just a “flaw,” but its essence.

Imagine a headline that started, “For all of its flaws, slavery. . .”


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