The Week in Pictures: Epic Hurricane Edition

So hot Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence says that the line of hurricanes hitting the U.S. is Mother Nature’s way of punishing us for Donald Trump. Ohhhh-kaaaay. Never mind that Houston and Miami went for Hillary. Wouldn’t “Mother” Nature (isn’t it sexist  to assume the gender of Nature???) target West Virginia instead? A real MENSA member Lawrence is, as Hurricane Yoda might say. And when are we going to get Hurricane Yoda? “To the hurricane shelter, go you must?” (What’s that? The hurricane is rotating backwards? Must be a Jedi weather trick.)

Irony alert

Like I say, Melania’s First Lady cause should be: “Make America Straight Again.”

Headlines of the week:

Who the hell is Jeff?

This is a true conservative weapon. Take no chances.

And finally. . .