Thoughts from the ammo line

What’s that sound you don’t hear? Ammo Grrrll is not hearing DOG WHISTLES GALORE! She writes:

Well, friends, I woke up this morning to a $1.00 bill on my nightstand. Now either that was a pathetic commentary on my contribution to the festivities the night before, or some kind of anti-Semitic “dog whistle” because, you know, money/Jooz, what else could that mean?

Then I remembered that I was cleaning out my wallet in my customary obsessive fashion, arranging the horrible dead white men’s heads all going the same way, with the denominations in ascending order from front to back, and I decided to keep a single out to put in a birthday card for my friend, Barb, as a standing joke.

At least it wasn’t a banana peel. Mr. AG, who is a runner, eats about three bananas a day for the potassium, and he isn’t always meticulous about where he leaves the peels. He could single-handedly cause a campus riot. “Loose lips sank ships” in the War Years; now “Loose peels are Big Racist Deals” in the Snowflake Years.

Oh, Lord, have we FINALLY hit the bottom of the “triggering” barrel with a banana peel near a tree in Ole Miss? Because, really, I can’t take much more.

Time and time and time again the terrifying little nooses and poop swastikas and KKK scrawls and “Faggot” cakes and hijab-pulling turn out either not to have at all or to have been done by an unbalanced attention-seeking member of the victim class at which it was allegedly directed. Both the great Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter have documented hundreds of such “incidents.” Nothing EVER happens to the perpetrators. Down the Memory Hole it goes until the next psychotic meltdown.

The amazing thing about liberal guilt-wallowers is that it matters not a whit to them whether the “incident’ happened or not. To their feeble little minds, it COULD have been real, and it almost-certainly happened once in history, so they are compelled to grovel and apologize and let morons scream spittle-flecked obscenities at them. Pledges are made to have MORE Diversity Drones and LESS scholastic accountablity and MORE segregation and separatism and FEWER standards of decorum, even after the Great Banana Incident of 2017 turns out to be one lazy but semi-responsible person’s attempt to make sure nobody slipped on his garbage.

Not one cowering, caving, college administrator or professor or – God, forbid! – aggrieved student ever says, “Hey, next time maybe we should wait until all the facts are in before we go bonkers.” Heck no. Riot now. Repent in leisure, if at all.

Which brings us to the ever-present “dog whistle” theme.

It has to be THE most worn-out metaphor in 50 years (with the possible exception of attaching the word “Gate” to every new political scandal and crisis. Would that the Nixon-era DNC had headquartered in a Marriott instead of the Watergate. Then, the chyron for a new scandal in Boise could be tagged the “ID-iott” crisis.)

So a dog whistle is a high-pitched whistle that only dogs can hear. Usually it is applied to racist code words that few normal people have even heard of and that nobody can hear except the alleged racists – well, just them and every single Official Black Person appearing on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and writing op-eds as the spokes-bigot of color who sees racism in every single human encounter. Now understand, their JOB is to detect racism on a molecular level; if they can find no racism, they have no job. They have great incentive to find racism everywhere. Most racism-detectors are woefully unqualified to do anything else, and certainly not at that kind of salary. I have no idea how former MSNBCer Melissa Harris-Perry’s tampon jewelry business is coming, for example.

Van Jones is a particularly egregious example. He is a well-compensated avowed Maoist Communist, who evidently was discovered by Valerie “We’ve got our eyes on you, Van” Jarrett. His 2016 post-election analysis consisted of calling the Trump victory a “white-lash.” Never mind that this made no actual sense for a number of reasons. First of all, the word he was riffing on is not “black-lash” but backlash, a word without color attached at all.

Second of all, when 97% of black voters voted for a black man for President, this monolithic voting bloc was called neither racist nor a “black-lash.” But when some 60% of white voters voted for Trump, ONE OF the TWO white people running, we were racist bigots engaging in “white-lash.” Hillary – who pandered to the mob in refusing to assert that ALL Lives Matter – was evidently given honorary non-white status. Which could not compensate for her unpleasant personality, grating voice, unpopular positions, Benghazi disaster, email destruction, influence peddling, fake charity, and failure to visit Wisconsin.

A significant percentage of those same dog whistle-hearin’ racist white folks DID vote for Obama, twice, or he couldn’t have won. Period. Naturally, white folks got no credit at all for that. There is no known way for a white person to prove he, she or xe is not a racist. Obama called his own grandmother who raised him in private school in Hawaii a “typical white person,” by which he meant a racist. I wonder what it would take to make most normal people of any color diss their own Grandmas publicly.

Meanwhile, back to the scary, suspicious money on my dresser, I would hope to end with one of my all-time favorite jokes – undoubtedly sexist at a minimum for which I denounce myself in advance as I have learned from treasured Commenter Alasdair Burton. If I can somehow sneak this past my intrepid gentlemanly editor, Scott, it is pretty darn funny:

A man and his wife go to Vegas and lose a lot of money, including cashing in their airline tickets home. They discuss options and, given the dire emergency, the wife volunteers to work the corner outside the casino to get the $340 they need for the trip home. She comes back the next morning, exhausted, with $340.25. “Wow” says her husband,“You saved us! This is great! But, who gave you the quarter?”


I’ll be here all week…tip your waitresses…try the veal.

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