Thoughts from the ammo line

I think Ammo Grrrll is observing the second day of Rosh Hashanah today, but she filed this one before sundown on Wednesday. You are therefore empowered to profit from EAT THE RICH! She writes:

Remember when Rachel Maddow had the big scoop of “somehow” getting hold of one of President Trump’s tax returns? Never mind that every way of getting such a thing involved illegality. It was supposed to be another terrible strike against Trump that he, alone – unlike all other Americans – had used every legal loophole available to pay the smallest amount of tax possible into the giant, grotesquely-wasteful maw that is the United States government.

And then we learned that in that one year, “the smallest amount” turned out to be $38 MILLION dollars? Here’s what I – and probably at least a few other ungreedy people thought: that should be IT. He’s one and done. Here’s your receipt, sir, and thanks for your massive contribution. Thirty-eight MILLION, are you kidding?

Leftists, Sandernistas, Millenials who’ve never paid in anything in their lives but think everything should be free, are howling: “Are you serious, AG? But, but, but… he’s RICH. Think of how much he’s MADE in America? He should pay more! Lots more! MILLIONS more!” Why? They can never articulate that. Just that it isn’t “fair.” Obviously, someone that rich “deserves” to be perpetually hosed by the tax system in order to support “The Poor.”

But, see, he HAS supported hundreds, probably thousands of people, actually PREVENTING them from being poor. Think of how many people he has hired in his long business life. Think of how much he has paid in to Social Security for all those employees. It would be a staggering figure. And then, of course, there’s the “trickle down” amounts – just to take one example, all the lunch counters and hard hat and work clothes emporia around his construction projects.

Of the 47 percent who pay nothing, zero, bupkiss, nada in federal income taxes, for millions of them they not only do not contribute; they are simultaneously a terrible COST to society. If you are a never-married woman with two boys and a girl from two or three different deadbeat “fathers” (sperm donors, for all practical purposes), not only do you get food stamps, cash welfare, Section 8 housing and Medicaid, but without a father on-site, there is a very good chance that one or both of those boys will end up incarcerated at a nominal cost of $50,000 a year per. And the girl could beat the odds and become a successful “Website designer” like the famous “Julia,” or she could start cranking out fatherless babies of her own at age 14.

I remember an episode of Phil Donahue years ago that featured ONE Puerto Rican woman from New York whose giant extended family of welfare recipients was costing the taxpayers a cool million dollars a year. Yes, you read that right. This episode could surely not even be aired today. It would be “blaming the victim,” “punching down,” “raaacist,” “sexist” and “slut shaming,” just for starters. I’m sure I’m leaving something out.

Veering off temporarily in an entirely different direction before coming round again, it was my privilege to get to know a family of legal Jewish immigrants from The Ukraine. The young man and wife were each about as big around as my thumb due to actual starvation in the Workers’ Paradise from whence they had fled.

The mother of the woman was a vegetarian, as she had given any small scraps of meat they were able to procure to her daughter and her husband for the protein. When the young woman, let’s call her Nadia, shopped an American supermarket for the first time, she got dizzy and nauseated at the ludicrous profusion of food. She had to use her hands for blinders around her eyes and run to the produce section where she found a cabbage and three potatoes, familiar food, and proceeded to the three-minute checkout line.

They were all very intelligent (“cognitively privileged”), trained in I.T., including the mother. They all got jobs and eventually, after a baby arrived, they bought a small house. They told us that they pretended still to be renting, because they could not tell even their closest Ukrainian friends they owned the house. The Soviet system was built not just on terror, torture, and routine Lena Dunham-style spies, eavesdroppers, and informants, but on massive envy.

Nadia said that in America, people do not hate the rich because — until recently — everyone thought he had a shot to one day be, if not rich, at least comfortable middle class. But in the FSU, they were taught to hate anyone doing even a little better. She told us a Russian joke she said was representative of the Soviet thinking: a man was told by a genie that he could have anything he wanted, but whatever he got, his neighbor would get double. After thinking for a minute, the man said, “Just blind me in one eye.”

When we see virulent, hateful campaigns and riots against the One Percenters – financed, with no apparent irony, by Soros, a .0000001%er – it is a harbinger of great trouble ahead. The pro-socialism Bernie campaign, indeed the fact that he may well have prevailed without the Hildebeasters gaming the system, speaks volumes about the human propensity for greed and envy. You add in the “white privilege” drivel, and you’ve really got trouble.

Why in God’s name, is it considered noble to want to confiscate a big chunk of what your neighbor earned, but the height of greed to want to keep most of what you earned for yourself?

You watch, my friends. In the unlikely event that President Trump is not hamstrung by the RINO Witch Trio plus John “The Maverick” McCain*, you are going to hear more screaming than a spoiled toddler at Toys R Us. “Waaah…Trump’s tax reform is just for The Rich!”

The economy is doing better than it has in 8 years. The President has just hit the “unattainable” 3 percent growth in GDP, hoping to exceed that, and the lockstep Democrats and their Republican collaborators simply cannot allow that to happen. Why, what would the voters think? They might never vote for either party of thieves, liars, lawless open borders fanatics, gun-grabbers and grandstanders again.

*Media Stylebook: Note well, John McCain is a “maverick” when sabotaging his own Party. When he tries to run for President, especially against The Light Bringer and Lowerer of Oceans, then he is just another run-of-the-mill racist, sexist, homophobic hate speaker whose very presence caused Whoopee to leave the set of The View lest he sell her into slavery.