At FDD’s national security summit

Last week the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies held a “national security summit” in Washington featuring conversations with CIA Director Mike Pompeo and national security adviser H.R. McMaster. Each was interviewed by an extremely knowledgeable interlocutor: Juan Zarate in the case of Pompeo, Mark Dubowitz in the case of McMaster. For more on the participants, see this page.

In the video below Juan Zarate interviews Pompeo. All I can say is that this is worth your time.

In the video below General McMaster speaks briefly from a prepared text on the administration’s reformulation of our Iran strategy and is then interviewed by Mark Dubowitz. FDD has posted a transcript here.

In his daily Wall Street Journal Best of the Web column yesterday — “What about Bob?” — James Freeman noted in a passing comment on the Corker cacophony “it is interesting to note that someone could listen to Mr. Trump for years, including during the long campaign of 2015-2016, and then decide–after observing him assemble a blue-chip cabinet–that he is somehow unfit to lead.” Indeed, President Trump has assembled something like a national security dream team. From Obama CIA Director John Brennan to Trump CIA Director Mike Pompeo, from Obama national security adviser (and designated liar) Susan Rice to Trump national security adviser H.R. McMaster, what a rising up was there!