Exploding: Hindenburg or cigar

Writing about the Fusion GPS scandal, Conrad Black uses the metaphor of the exploding Hindenburg. Although it’s a metaphor that should be avoided when talking Clinton scandals, I think it would more aptly be described with the metaphor of an exploding cigar. Here’s why.

The Trump Dossier has been widely used to foment and propagate the hysteria over Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. How widely we don’t know. What we do know is that the Trump Dossier represents Clintonian collusion with the Russian friends of former MI6 operative Christopher Steele, themselves friends of Vladimir Putin. The Trump Dossier includes Russian disinformation intended to upset the applecart of the 2016 election, but it came to us courtesy of the Clinton campaign.

The Trump Dossier flips the collusion narrative in the obvious sense mentioned above, but it also flips the collusion narrative by demonstrating that Putin’s regime did not seek the election of Donald Trump. If it did, Source B (“a former high level Russian intelligence office still active in the Kremlin’s inner circles”) would not have “confirmed that the government had collected enough material on Trump during his visits that they could blackmail him.” See, e.g., yesterday’s Mollie Hemingway column giving us the Trump Dossier for Dummies and the April 19 Washington Monthly article touting the veracity of the dossier.

The cigar explodes.