Lunn lunacy

Sreynuon Lunn should be a poster boy for the reform of American immigration law. The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts brags about the great work it has done as an amicus advocating Lunn’s cause together with the prominent Boston law firm Ropes & Gray. You can read the latest ACLU update here. With a little help from his “friends” (i.e., amici), Lunn has turned Massachusetts into a sanctuary state.

Lunn is an illegal or, in the fashionable euphemism employed by the ACLU and others, an “undocumented” immigrant, or just plain “immigrant.” He is also a vicious one-man crime wave. According to police, his latest exploits involve a stunning daylight robbery by taking a wheelchair-bound woman, slapping her and stealing the $2,000 she had just carried out of the bank. Bob McGovern and Dan Atksinson reported the charges last week for the Boston Herald here; Stephen Dinan reported them yesterday for the Washington Times (where I saw them) here. The Herald quotes the police report: “Lunn stated to a (Massachusetts General Hospital) Police Officer that he and a female known to him as ‘Tiffany’ robbed (the victim) because he stated that he was detoxing and needed drugs.”

Dinan quotes Eva A. Milone, one of Lunn’s “friends” at the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition seeking to deflect credit for their great work in the case with the ACLU: “I’m not going to comment on the charges against Mr. Lunn except to say that under U.S. law, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. If he did actually commit a robbery, the criminal justice system will put him in prison after giving him his due process. However, one thing that is crystal-clear is that the arrest of Mr. Lunn has nothing to do with the Supreme Judicial Court case about his unlawful detention.”