Previews of Coming Attractions

Power Line readers in several localities have a chance to participate in some of my mischief in the coming weeks. First, next Wednesday, October 18, I am hosting Mark Lilla at UC Berkeley, in what promises to be a lively event. We decided to title his lecture “After Identity Politics (You Must Change Your Life).” Hoo-boy!

If you’ve followed Lilla’s new book, The Once and Future Liberal, you will know that he has thoroughly angered the left with his critique of identity politics, even though Lilla is himself a staunch liberal. Though I have to add that his various books on intellectual history over the last 15 years are pretty good. The chapter on Eric Voegelin in The Shipwrecked Mind is especially good. In other words, Lilla is a liberal who is very much worth reading.

Here are the full details for the event, which goes off at 4 pm and is free and open to the public, though parking around Berkeley is always difficult and I expect the hall where we are holding his lecture will fill up—hopefully with some indignant leftists.

Second, for readers in the Portland, Oregon, area, on November 9 I am coming to town to speak at a fundraising dinner for the Washington County Republican Party, along with radio talk show host Lars Larson and state Rep. Knute Buehler, who I believe is contemplating a run for governor. It is a fundraiser so you’ll have to pony up to get in, but it’s for a good cause. Here are the details.

Finally, on October 31 I”ll be appearing in the other Portland area—Portland, Maine. Actually Brunswick, at Bowdoin College, where the Eisenhower Forum is hosting me for a lecture on the topic “How Liberals Are Failing Liberalism.” I forget the exact time and there is no link yet, but it will be late afternoon or early evening, and I’ll update the details when they are ready.

And yes, since that will be Halloween, I’m going to appear in costume dressed as a conservative white male, which is apparently very frightening and “triggering” for the campus left these days.


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