The case of Fusion GPS

The so-called strategic intelligence firm Fusion GPS is behind the infamous Trump Dossier. The dossier is one of the keys to the anti-Trump hysteria in which we have been engulfed since the election. Who paid for the Trump Dossier? The House Intelligence Committee has issued subpoenas to figure out what happened and at whose behest. Fusion GPS, however, won’t say. The company’s lawyer has submitted a 17-page list of reasons why the company won’t comply. Something is happening here. It is a most peculiar matter.

A Fox News/AP report asserts that the attorney’s letter signals the company’s refusal to comply with the committee subpoenas. The letter states that if any of the Fusion GPS employees who have been subpoenaed (Glenn Simpson and two others) are compelled to appear before the committee, they will exercise their “privileges” not to testify. Byron York has more on the letter here.

The Fifth Amendment protects against compelled self-incrimination. The Fusion GPS lawyer apparently also added some palaver about First Amendment rights, but I take it that is cover against the inferences reasonable people should draw from the assertion of a Fifth Amendment privilege. I hope that the committee will compel the witnesses to appear and assert their “privileges.” Let’s hear it.

Yesterday Bret Baier broadcast Catherine Herridge’s interesting report. It exposes the company’s smear tactics in the case of Venezuelan journalist Alek Boyd.