The Week in Pictures: Hurricane Harvey Edition

So I guess it is time to move on from the Harvey Weinstein story, because I’m getting tired. . .  Hell no I’m not! This is the most fun since election night. It’s the most schadenfreudiest schadenfreude moment since Freud first coughed up his schaden when his shower knob failed. I expect the next shoe to drop will be the revelation that Weinstein didn’t buy carbon offsets! That will complete his Hollywood exile. Meanwhile, I score Trump as 4 – 0 this week, having pushed tax reform, humbling the NFL, moving against Obamacare, and setting up the nixing of the Iran treaty. So much winning I can hardly keep up.

Weinstein’s ride.

Seems reasonable to me.

Headlines of the week:

From a German TV Guide apparently.

Only the most hard core Trekkies will get this.

And finally. . .