Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll is not herself a vicim of GENDER DYSPHORIA or “GIRLS” GONE STUPID. She writes:

I will not be commenting – except indirectly further on – on the monstrous evil in Las Vegas until more facts are known. I am writing this on Tuesday, must submit it for editing on Wednesday, so by the time you are reading this, anything I have to say about Vegas will either be too late and discussed ad infinitum, or too early and since disproven.

I’m sorry; there will be nothing funny today. The horror is too recent. Maybe next week. And so, in somber reflection, I will discuss instead some of the cultural landmines that are detonating around us to contribute mightily to such a catastrophe.

I will cite the recent comments of four women. They are acutely embarrassing to my gender, which is probably how righteous men feel when they see cringe-worthy video of a 250-lb man in an elevator slugging his girlfriend with a closed fist.

The first comes from former First Lady Michelle Obama. Weighing in on Hillary’s pity party book signing, she opined that women did not listen to our “inner voice” telling us to vote for the candidate with the uterus. Most paranoid schizophrenics set great store by voices. But I guess my inner voice was too busy telling me to vote for the candidate who MIGHT secure the border, protect Israel and preserve both the First and Second Amendments. Hillary was 0-4 on all my issues. Michelle also said that those of us ladies who favored President Trump did so solely because our menfolk told us to. Yup, nailed it! I have no opinions until Mr. AG tells me what they are. Ask anyone who knows me.

Young Conservative commentator Katie Pavlich dispatched the retired Lunch Lady Scold deftly with one Tweet: “Does this mean that all women should have voted for Hillary against Obama in the 2008 primaries?” #GameOver.

The second woman who disgraced herself in the last week or so was that moronic librarian who rejected Melania Trump’s gracious gift of many books, including several by Dr. Seuss. She wrote a snotty and condescending – not to mention totally ludicrous – letter to the First Lady rejecting the books because they were – what the hell ELSE in 2017? – RAAACIST.

Of course, since “the Internet is forever” (a great new song by Brad Paisley, check it out), we quickly saw not only Mrs. Obama reading Racist Dr. Seuss books to children, but the racist librarian herself dressed up as none other than The Racist Cat in the Racist Hat.

We have sailed into this “intersectional” gibberish territory of tribal loyalties and an ever-evolving pecking order of “Professional Victimhood.” We have left entirely the traditional safe harbor of “E Pluribus Unum,” of love of America, and even of basic MANNERS. In terms of manner, I am old enough to remember a time when a snarky public repudiation of a nice gift would have been considered as bad as telling the President that you would have to “think it over” before accepting an invitation to the White House to be congratulated on your sports championship. Mr. Curry, Mr. Kerr, I am so sorry I rooted for you. It won’t happen again.

Of course, no natural or man-made disaster can occur, no victims be yet cold, without the pudgy potato-shaped little pedophile, Lena Dunham, weighing in. Here is her brilliant analysis of the Las Vegas mass murder: “No way not to politicize this tragedy. It’s about gender & race as well as access to guns.” What – no “homophobia”?

Well, yes, there WAS a gender component to the event in Las Vegas. Several self-sacrificing MEN deliberately took bullets for their beloved – and even random – women. Oh, it was a white guy who did it this time, and that makes it about race? How come you disgusting hypocrites NEVER say it’s about race when it’s a Somali Muslim or a black convert to Islam beheading a white co-worker, or a psychiatrist of color at Ft. Hood or a wretched Muslim mother who just slaughtered the people who threw her a baby shower? Weird how this guy who did, in fact, kill black people and Hispanic people who were also country music fans, killed mostly other white people. How does that work if you’re a white racist?

Which brings us to our final Un-American Woman of the Year, the CBS lawyer, now looking for work. Ms. Hayley Geftman-Gold, of Columbia Law School, Tweeted that she was “not even sympathetic to victims of the Las Vegas shooting because “country music fans often are Republican.” I particularly love that “often.” Paul Mirengoff has written beautifully about this disgrace and its aftermath and several hundred commenters have added much to the discussion. To VERBALIZE that sentiment was beyond stupid, but what in God’s name would even make her THINK it?

A dear friend of mine had a severely disturbed teen. Once when I was over at their home, she deigned to arise at the crack of noon and went foraging for food. Finding some chips but no dip, she let loose with a blistering volley of profanity directed at her father. Embarrassed to death, he asked me quietly later what would have happened to me had I said that to my Dad as a teen. I said, “You mean when I got out of the hospital?”

But that was a joke. Daddy only smacked me once in my whole life, which I richly deserved at the time. I explained that it was neither fear of him, nor even respect for him, that would have prevented such a verbal assault on a parent. IT SIMPLY WOULD NEVER HAVE ENTERED MY HEAD! Sorry about the ALL CAPS, but I think it’s that important!

When a gaggle of prominent Minnesota Democrat women told me after 9/11 that “America had it coming,” it began my transition from left to right. When famous people Tweeted that they wished Steve Scalise had died and taken many other Republicans with him, when Ms. Geftman-Gold can say “go ahead and fire into a crowd of country music fans because most of them are Republican gun-toters,” then America is truly lost. Those sentiments are the direct result of Alinsky calumny, fifty years of anti-American education, and repulsive identity politics. The refusal of Hillary, Bernie and other politicians to say “All Lives Matter” is not just craven kow-towing to the thugs in BLM. They actually do not believe that they do.

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