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Ammo Grrrll is not talking about the classics when she recalls THE OLD BOOKS. She writes:

As I have mentioned several times before, long ago in a galaxy far far away, I — like many a foolish youth before me — was a card-carrying left-winger. That was one of the MANY reasons why I was so unimpressed with candidate Obama. I had seen his “community organizer” type a hundred times before. Lazy, glib, shallow, narcissistic, and not nearly as smart as he thought he was. I was, however, almost alone in thinking he wasn’t even a very good speaker. I still don’t. (I once mentioned to my dear, late Mama that I couldn’t stand Obama’s fake Southern preacher voice and cadence and she said, “I wouldn’t know. I just hit MUTE the minute he comes on.” Ah, she was a pip. Wish you all had known her.)

Anyway, in the early ’70s, I traveled with some of my cohorts to a convention of radicals in Milwaukee for some kind of Peace and Freedom conference. At one point, a group of us looked in on a room with a literature table for the National Welfare Rights Organization.

Now I will happily stipulate that I was a naive, political IDIOT at that time, but to my limited credit, even I thought that was a terrible name for an organization. I was enough of a conservative at heart even then that I did not believe that anyone had any kind of “right” to welfare. Maybe a need for it for a short period of time, but as an act of mercy, for which the recipient should be profoundly grateful, not as a permanent lifestyle or entitlement.

A bunch of us were standing around a table staffed by some younger activists and a couple of older ladies. It soon became obvious from their rhetoric that they were either members of or influenced by the Communist Party. (It’s a bit “inside baseball,” but, trust me, the rhetoric of all the political sects at the time had various verbal tics and “tells.”)

One of the older ladies started talking about Papa Joe Stalin – I do not make this up – and what a wonderful, kind leader he was and how much his people loved him. One of the younger activists looked embarrassed and said, “No, Ethel, that’s not right. Where did you get that?” and she said, “It’s in all the books.”

And then came the money shot and the theme of this column: “NO, HONEY, THOSE ARE THE OLD BOOKS.” Oh, how quickly those “books” are updated, expunged, airbrushed and condensed. Or just plain burned, if necessary. Along with their authors.

You would think it had been decades ago that candidate Mitt Romney was mocked and fact-checked for saying in a debate with President Obama that Russia was a concern. Ha ha ha, what a crazy old anti-commie lunatic! “The 80’s called, Mitt, they want their foreign policy back,” quipped the spontaneous Obama speech-writer into his ear wig. And the media lapdogs just licked Obama’s face or wherever in happy agreement that that was THE most clever comeback anyone had ever heard.

How could it be a short four years later that the Ruthless Russkies were guilty of everything from kidnapping the Lindbergh baby to preventing Hillary “Uranium Saleswoman of the Month” Clinton from being crowned? Bwaa-ha-ha! All that influence-peddling, and no influence!

But Putin did not act alone in ruining everything. No, the evil, terrible, no good, very bad James Comey also colluded and connived and was a key player in keeping Hillary from punching through that glass ceiling and therefore, Comey is Satan (since Hitler is already taken) and he should be drawn and quartered and the parts arrested and…WAIT! WHAT? Comey is FIRED??? Hitler can’t fire Satan, can he? Our Comey? The gentle giant of the FBI? Those were the Old Books from last month!

Various feminist “comedy” shows (def: bitter, angry screeds that take great care to include nothing humorous) and other cultural offerings were strictly For Women Only. Now feminists aren’t even allowed to use the title “Vagina Monologues”. Not because the concept is old and kind of repulsive (like many of the audience members), but because it is hurtful to “women” who do not have a vagina. Not only are those early feminist ideas from the old books, but the women who wrote them, once heroes and pioneers, are rapidly being read out of the movement. Evidently they aren’t “woke” enough. Maybe too much decaf; who can say?

When pre-Candidate Trump yukked it up privately (ha! As if anything were private nowadays…) 11 years ago with Billy Bush, telling the gospel truth that rich men attract gold-digging women who will put up with anything, including being grabbed, the Outrage Machine got cranked up to “eleven.” Out of the woodwork magically appeared several women, many of whose stories did not ring true to me. (And I must say I am not overly-impressed with SOME of the current crop of actresses who suddenly remember an actor committing one random boob-grab two decades ago.)

But the Left knitted their Pussy Hats and asserted that all women must be believed again, which was a stunning departure from the Clinton Years when it was open season on Trailer Trash women who came forward. Led by The Wronged Wife, soon to be a carpetbagger Senator from New York, a campaign was waged to vilify, slander and mock these women. Who did they think they were, anyway? Hint: Not our kind, dear.

Old books; new books; it is dizzying trying to keep up with when and which women MUST be believed and which are to be dismissed out-of-hand and made into late-night punchlines. Why, some feminist bigshot whose name escapes me – I could look it up, but really, who cares? – even claimed all women should be honored to put on their Presidential kneepads in gratitude for Horny Willie protecting the liberal sacrament of abortion.

It’s all #WarOnWomen every election unless outing a Democrat serial predator might interfere with #TheWarOnBabies. Then it’s Kneepads all ’round.


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