Franken at the Fair

A second woman has emerged to tell her tale of a too-close encounter with Minnesota Senator Al Franken. Her name is Lindsay Menz. Her too-close encounter took place at the Minnesota State Fair in 2010, after Franken took office in June 2009. MJ Lee reports the story in scrupulous detail here for CNN.

Menz’s account is supported by photographic evidence, but the misconduct she reports in this case is out of sight. Menz contrasts her experience taking a photograph with Franken at the Fair in 2010 with her experience taking a photograph with then Rep. John Kline, gentleman and friend. Insofar as Lee can ascertain, the details check out.

Lee’s CNN story should trouble those who continue to hold Franken out and excuse him as a champion of women. His best defense may be that he is an equal opportunity jerk.

Franken is hiding out to ride out the storm. I wish him success. Democrats deserve to be stuck with him and I do not relish the prospect of Mark Dayton appointing his replacement.