Investigate this (6)

Last week Jennifer Kerns called for an investigation into the placement of what I’ve been calling the Trump Dossier into the hands of the Obama administration — the hands of John Brennan in particular. Kerns didn’t quote the Gershwin brothers song, but she had the refrain: let’s call the whole thing off. I drew on her Washington Examiner column in “part 2 of this series.

Kerns now returns with more on the Brennan connection (her column is full of links that I haven’t inserted):

In the wake of recent revelations proving the now-debunked “Trump dossier” was crafted by Democratic opposition research firm Fusion GPS, paid for the Democratic National Committee and also funded by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, many people still aren’t aware of precisely how a political document made it onto the radar of the intelligence community.

To fully understand it, one must look no further than John Brennan – the man who voted for the Communist Party candidate in the presidential election of 1976, briefed in 2008 then-Senator Barack Obama for his presidential bid, and later went on to become President Barack Obama’s director of the CIA.

It was Brennan who first accepted Fusion GPS’ dossier at the CIA, and “the Obama loyalist drove the FBI to investigate Trump” as early as summer 2016.

From Brennan’s desk the salacious document, which alluded to golden showers and other nefarious rumors, gained traction throughout the intelligence community like a dirty comic book being passed around a seventh-grade locker room.

Kerns poses a few questions for Brennan:

First, who gave Brennan the Fusion GPS dossier?

Second, was he aware at the time that the information was political fodder paid for by the DNC, intended to damage the opposing party’s candidate? Did he accept it on its face as serious intelligence material?

Third, was Brennan aware that he may have been used as a tool of the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign as the vehicle by which to get the document infused into the bloodstream of the intelligence community, where the now-debunked dossier would become the impetus for the Trump Russia investigation?

Fourth, could Brennan have willingly placed the dossier into files in an attempt to undermine then-candidate Trump? Given that Brennan is no political neophyte, it seems reasonable to suggest that Brennan would have known the political ramifications of such a salacious dossier.

Lastly, given Brennan’s previous intelligence nightmares, why on earth would anyone believe in the Fusion GPS dossier he passed along?

I’ve got one more. I would like to know what Brennan himself thought of the authenticity of the (dis)information supposedly provided by Steele’s official Russian sources.


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