Kudlow speaks

Politico Money’s Ben White interviewed Larry Kudlow this week for the podcast embedded below. White noted the interview yesterday in his Morning Money column. In the interview they discussed Kudlow’s role in shaping the Trump tax plan and the wayward course it has taken on the individual side. It is a wide-ranging interview; White also asked Kudlow to recount his struggle to overcome cocaine and alcohol addictions in the early 1990’s. In the course of a five-month stay at Hazelden in Center City, Minnesota, he prevailed.

I greatly enjoy listening to Kudlow, but I am posting this podcast because of the discussion of the tax bills making their way through Congress. I found the discussion illuminating. This is an excellent interview.

Quotable quote: “If we could take the entire individual side of this, throw it in the trash can and take it directly to the incinerator, I would be thrilled. But I’m willing to swallow the individual side, which to me is not what it needs to be, to get the business side as long as we’re not increasing deficits.”


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