Minnesota man held in Mall stabbings

On Sunday night near closing time two customers were hurt in knife stabbings at the Mall of America’s Macy’s in Bloomington, Minnesota. The stabbings were described by Bloomington police as deriving from an interrupted theft. The stabbings took place in the vicinity of a fitting room as the thief sought to take off with the goods. The thief pulled a knife and stabbed the customers as he attempted to leave with the goods he had lifted from the changing room. That’s where the Star Tribune left its troubling story as of late Sunday evening and Monday morning.

Bad stuff goes down at the Mall of America, but I can’t remember another incident quite like this one (as it is described). Interest in it is intense, both locally and nationally. What is happening here?

Bloomington police have identified the suspect as 20-year-old Mahad Abdiaziz Abdirahaman of Minneapolis. He appears to be a “Minnesota man.” He’s being held on two counts of first-degree assault. The police press release describes the stabbings as an interrupted robbery. KSTP’s Brandi Powell posted a copy of Sunday night’s police press release via Twitter (below).

I don’t think the Star Tribune has gotten back to the story yet. Readers who get their news from the Star Tribune remain in the dark on the identification of the perpetrator. However, the local CBS affiliate has reported his name, as have CBS News, the New York Post, the Daily Mail and others. We await interviews with the victims and developments in the case to get the rest of the story.