Pelosi looks ahead

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi turned in a classic performance on the Meet the Press this morning (video below, transcript here). Moderator Chuck Todd focused on the wave of sexual harassment claims that is engulfing even her beloved Democrats. As Todd asked about John Conyers, Pelosi declared him an “icon” (costing me brain cells I could ill afford to lose) and tried to turn the question to the future, where the gender wars can be restored to their rightful place in the Democratic armory. Allahpundit has more here at Hot Air.

Following the interview, Conyers “stepped down” from his perch on the Judiciary Committee, where he was the ranking member. This, however, just clears the decks for impeachment hearings in the event that Democrats retake control of the House in the next Congress.

When Todd turns to Pelosi’s performance during the Clinton era, he throws her the “generational change” lifeline. As for the women who accused Clinton of rape and the like, Pelosi urges us to fare forward, voyagers: “Why don’t we talk, instead, about how we go forward. Nobody is proud of President Clinton’s behavior at the time. But he was being impeached…Let’s go forward. Let’s talk about, okay, let’s learn from past decisions and go forward.”

Forward to the elections of 2018…