Save BIG on your favorite Dem gear

That’s the email the Democratic Party sent out a few minutes ago. They are having a sale on “Dem gear,” which you can buy here. But who would want to?

The products for sale at The Democrat Store are mostly…odd. This t-shirt says “Vote Democrat & Chill.” Is that like Netflix and chill? I think that is what they mean to imply. I think most of us would say, No thank you.

I believe everything at The Democrat Store is currently on sale. This item is, for sure. I doubt you will see a lot of people wearing this pin in your neighborhood:

A classic remainder table item. My guess is they’ve sold about six of them.

This is the one I find most disturbing. Sure, the Democrats have never claimed to be a high-class party. But, seriously? Democrats give a sh*t about people?

To say that the Democrats are juvenile would be unfair to juveniles, some of whom are quite sensible.


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