Self-help, Texas style: Stephen Willeford edition

To learn the lessons of the Sutherland Springs massacre we must take into account the examples of Johnnie Longendorff and Stephen Willeford. In his column today, Rich Lowry calls them “two bystanders who refused to stand by.” Thank God, Willeford was within the sound of the massacre: “When Stephen Willeford, 55, heard of the shooting, he left his house barefoot with his AR-15 and started exchanging fire with Kelley outside the church. An expert shot, Willeford hit Kelley and reportedly aimed for the gaps on his body armor.”

I couldn’t find an interview with Willeford yesterday, but Steven Crowder tracked him down to get the story from the man himself (video below). It is instructive, inspirational and humbling all at the same time. More here.