The far left’s war on Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is under fire from left-wing smear artists like Media Matters. They are trying to force Hannity off the air by pressuring advertisers to boycott his show. Peter Hasson has the details.

The current smear campaign claims, in the context of the controversy over Roy Moore, that Hannity defends child sex abuse. In reality, as Hasson notes, Hannity has explicitly (and repeatedly) said that anyone guilty of what Moore is accused of doing has no place in politics.

Moreover, Hannity did an immense service by conducting an interview of Moore that was anything but soft. Even some on the left praised the talk show host’s questioning of the candidate.

Hannity did several things well. First, he got Moore to admit that if he did the things he’s accused of, these would be serious, and even disqualifying, offenses. Securing such admissions does two things. It closes the door on Moore if it later becomes clear that he engaged in the misconduct and it paves the way for those who already think he engaged in it to turn against his candidacy.

That’s why this kind of question is among the first that a competent lawyer asks when deposing someone who, for example, is fired for serious misconduct.

Hannity also pressed Moore on the specific allegations against him. Moore’s answers were not stellar. Indeed, they helped cause more than a few conservatives I know to doubt the candidate’s veracity. Scott has the details.

The smear campaign against Hannity strikes me as a case of no good deed going unpunished. Initially, Keurig said it would pull its advertising. It has since relented.

However, Volvo and Hebrew National say they will pull their ads from Hannity. Unless they relent, conservatives should boycott Volvo and Hebrew National.


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