Today in Liberal Lechery

I wonder if there are going to be any liberals left after the sexual harassment purge trials end. On top of the news about Mark Halperin and David Corn, now we learn that Hamilton Fish has resigned as publisher of The New Republic because of apparent impropriety:

Hamilton Fish, the president and publisher of The New Republic, has resigned from the magazine after allegations of inappropriate conduct. The move came less than a week after Mr. Fish was asked to take a leave of absence pending an investigation into recent complaints from women about their interactions with him. . .

The Puffington Host has some of the details that the New York Times story doesn’t have.

Separately there are reports of a crowdsourced Google spreadsheet of sexual harassers in the mainstream media including at the New York Times, but that it has disappeared.

Pardon me while I’ll call my broker to double down on my long position in popcorn futures.


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