You Think Things Are Bad Here. . .

It’s not just the Republican Party that is riven with infighting that threatens its hold on power. The Tory Party in Britain is coming apart right now, too. Part of the problem is the turmoil over Brexit, over the lack of progress in putting together a Brexit scheme. But other aspects of current Tory government policy are not going well, and appear deeply unpopular with voters. Several cabinet and sub-cabinet ministers have resigned recently over sex scandals and political missteps of other kinds.

It is not clear whether Prime Minister Theresa May will survive. At least 40 members of her own party are calling for her to step down. Unlike the braying against “RINO” Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan over here, a rebellion of enough MPs could topple May’s government, and perhaps even compel a new snap election.

Which, according to some polls, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party would win. Corbyn is the most leftist Labour Party leader ever. He makes Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren look like moderates by comparison. Like Bernie Sanders here, Corbyn is viewed as “authentic.” Polls show a close race if the election were held today, but it shouldn’t be close at all given Corbyn’s radicalism. God help us.

Meanwhile, here is a two-minute clip of Tory grandee Ken Clarke railing against the disarray of the May government over Brexit: