Analyze this

This morning Rep. Jim Jordan grilled Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on the red flags and anomalies that have turned up in the special counsel investigation under the direction of Robert Mueller. The investigation is to focus on the mythical Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Among the red flags is the Steele Dossier commissioned by the Clinton campaign and involving actual collusion with Russian intelligence.

Also among the red flags is one of the just released text messages of senior FBI agent Peter Strzok, who has emerged as a key player in the fake Clinton investigation and the troubling Trump-related investigation of Russian interference in the campaign. Having been detailed to Mueller’s team earlier this year, Strzok has been returned to the FBI to push paper in the human resources department.

FOX News has posted the video below of Rep. Jordan’s turn with Rosenstein taking up the Steele Dossier, Peter Strzok and related matters. This is good.