Feel Good Stories of the Day

From the Wall Street Journal this morning:

Democrats Struggle to Convert Voter Enthusiasm Into Cash Contributions

Party approaches 2018 midterms with large fundraising disadvantage over Republican National Committee

The Democratic National Committee had $6.3 million in the bank on Dec. 1, while the Republican National Committee had six times as much, at $40 million, according to documents the parties filed with the Federal Election Commission. In November, the DNC posted its worst fundraising amount for the month in a decade. . .

And sit down for this shocker—Barack Obama cared more about himself than the Party:

The party’s challenges trace back to the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency. He built his own fundraising and data operation apart from the DNC, setting the party back even while he was in office. In a January interview with ABC, Mr. Obama said: “We did not begin what I think needs to happen over the long haul, and that is rebuild the Democratic Party at the ground level.”

Meanwhile, given that we had our own Kurt Eichenwald experience a few weeks back (after which he fell strangely silent), Glenn Reynolds is right to say that you need a heart of stone not to get a good laugh about this:

This is almost as good as Paul Krugman’s election night market forecast: “If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.”