Jones Wins: Al Franken Hardest Hit

I might as well get into the “hot take” game. Democrats and their media echo chamber will openly celebrate Doug Jones’s narrow win in Alabama, but inside I’ll bet they are actually disappointed. There is little chance they can hold this seat in 2020 (unless Republicans nominate Roy Moore again). Meanwhile, Jones deprives them of their favorite talking point that Republicans are all drooling knuckle-dragging morons. Worse, it means Al Franken will likely have to go through with his resignation after all. I’d bet money that a polygraph examination would reveal that Franken was secretly hoping for a Moore victory. It was his only chance of hanging on.

One other factor: if Doug Jones hadn’t been a pro-abortion absolutist he might have won this contest easily. His win will mean that Democrats will entertain no second thoughts about their abortion absolutism, and it will continue to hurt them, on balance, in many states.

Also: Steve Bannon not looking so good right now either.