Loose Ends (32)

You just knew this was going to happen sooner or later:


Two Irish men married each other in Dublin, Ireland. Not for any kind of romantic love: athough they are best friends, they are both heterosexual. Their main goal was  to avoid paying an inheritance tax.

Matt Murphy and Michael O’Sullivan made the decision to tie the knot after they realized Murphy, 83, can’t leave his house for his caretaker O’Sullivan, 58, without paying €50,000 ($59,312 USD) in tax, The Irish Times reported.

“I’ve known Matty for 30 years. We became very friendly after my second relationship broke up,” O’Sullivan, told the Irish Mirror. “I have been bringing Matt out in my car to various parties and all that kind of thing. He became friends with all my friends, they all loved him.”

I have hitherto avoided treating here the debate about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie, because the answer seems self-evident to me. But this comparison has come to light, and it seems very persuasive on another front (click to embiggen):

News you can use (1)—a handy tax chart to annoy your liberal friends:

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News you can use (2): The year in campus hate crime hoaxes.


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