Poll: Minnesotans don’t want Franken to resign

According to a new survey, more Minnesotans believe Al Franken should remain in the Senate than think he should resign. Half of the voters surveyed think Franken should not resign. Only 42 percent think he should. 60 percent say Franken should have waited until the Senate Ethics Committee investigated his behavior before making a decision whether to stay or go.

The poll was conducted by PPP, a Democratic polling firm. It surveyed 671 Minnesota voters over the past few days. 44 percent of those surveyed approve of President Trump’s performance, while 53 percent disapprove. This, I imagine, is roughly consistent with public opinion in Minnesota, so the the sample does not appear to be skewed.

The survey indicates that Franken remains fairly popular in his State. 53 percent approve of his job performance, while 42 percent disapprove.

Despite Franken’s pattern of unwanted sexual touchings, Minnesota women like him better than Minnesota men. Among women, his approval rating is 57 percent, with only 37 disapproving.

I agree with the Minnesotans who say Franken should not resign. He is a pig and has behaved piggishly towards multiple women. However, Minnesotans have the right to be represented by a pig if, all things considered, that’s their preference in this instance. Nothing Franken did should disqualify him from the Senate, in my opinion.