Roy Moore’s crank lawsuit [UPDATE: Election certified]

I don’t know whether Roy Moore molested Leigh Corfman 38 years ago. I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other about that charming question.

I do know that Moore was an awful nominee for the Alabama Senate seat, and that his nomination cost Republicans what is as safe a seat as exists in the Senate.

Now, the candidate from hell has filed a lawsuit in an Alabama Circuit Court to try to block the state canvassing board from officially declaring his opponent, Doug Jones, the winner. You can read the complaint here.

Moore cites “irregularities” at 20 precincts in Jefferson County. The main irregularity appears to be the fact that many Republicans didn’t vote for Moore, just as polling indicated might be the case. Moore cites an “enormous, implausible drop-off” in the votes reported for Moore “relative to the votes for the Republican party.” Enormous, maybe. Implausible, no.

Moore also claims, based on the signed affidavit of a single poll worker, that there was an “unusual, unexplained pattern” of voters having out-of-state driver’s licenses at one particular polling place. In addition, the complaint alleges that Highway 31, a Democrat-backed super PAC, practiced “voter intimidation” tactics in its pro-Jones advertisements.

The “intimidation” consists of an attempt at shaming, via an ad that stated: “Your vote is public record, and your community will know whether or not you helped stop Roy Moore.” Here, Moore trivializes the concept of voter intimidation. If the result of an election could be blocked on the basis of an ad like this, no close election would ever be certified.

Moore relies on an expert who speculates about a conspiracy, stating:

I believe that ES&S [Elections Systems & Software], Hart Civic, and Dominion have access by wireless technology to all their computers which are counting votes, and they can monitor, query and even ALTER the election results inside their computers during election day and election nights. Thus in may opinion and from my experience and expertise only ES&S in Alabama monitor and would know of alterations to electronic votes. And the only method to ensure a true count, is to ensure that unaltered hard and unaltered ballot images are preserved, which has not been done in Alabama in the case of ballot images.

Apparently, Moore wants the court to believe that Alabama’s voting machines are secretly connected to George Soros. Or something.

The impression that this is a crank lawsuit finds reinforcement in the bizarre decision by Moore’s lawyers to include in attachments to the Complaint weird comments by kooky Moore supporters. It’s unlikely that the court will read far enough to see these comments, however. I expect the suit to be shrugged off and the election certified today.

The only consequence of Moore’s suit will be to provide ammunition to the left as it tries to discredit the very important election integrity movement.


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