Strzok-Page texts show hatred of Trump by the two ex-Team Mueller members

The Washington Examiner has obtained hundreds of text messages between Peter Strzok — the agent on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team who was demoted for critical messages about President Trump — and his alleged mistress Lisa Page, a lawyer also assigned to the probe. The messages were provided by the Justice Department to congressional committees.

As described by the Examiner’s Kelly Cohen, the text messages show a couple whose hatred of Trump ran deep. For example, in March 2016, Page texted Strzok, “God trump is a loathsome human.” Strzok replied, “Yet he may win.”

In July, during the Republican National Convention, Strzok and Page goaded each other to watch it. “TURN IT ON, TURN IT ON!!! THE DOUCHEBAGS ARE ABOUT TO COME OUT,” Strzok wrote to Page. She replied moments later: “And wow, Donald Trump is an enormous d*uche.”

The next day, Strzok wanted Page’s impressions. “Hi. How was Trump, other than a douche?” he wondered. Page replied: ““Trump barely spoke, but the first thing out of his mouth was ‘we’re going to win sooo big.’ The whole thing is like living in a bad dream.”

Later in this particular hate fest, Strzok confessed to being “panicked” about the election.

After Trump get into it with Gold Star father Khizr Khan, Page and Strzok became even more nasty. Page wrote: “Jesus. You should read this [article about the dispute]. And Trump should go f himself.”
Strzok replied, “God that’s a great article. Thanks for sharing. And F Trump.”

In August, as Trump continued to hang with Hillary in the polls, Strzok asked Page: “What the hell has happened to our country!?!?!??” He also “worried about what Trump is encouraging in our behavior.”

And so on.

The text messages speak for themselves. I would just add that the view of Trump expressed in these messages, and the language used to express them, are standard among the lawyer and government worker class in Washington, D.C. In the Summer and Fall of 2016, I doubt that a week went by in which I didn’t hear them expressed. And I tried to avoid liberals during that period.

I believe the Page-Strzok hatred of Donald Trump is just the tip of the Team Mueller iceberg.