The “Peace Process” Ended Long Ago

In the wake of President Trump’s common-sense decision to acknowledge the obvious fact that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital–and, by implication, that Israel is a normal country–there is much wailing over the fate of the “peace process.”

CNN: “For Palestinians, Trump’s Jerusalem move is the end of the peace process.”

Al Jazeera: “Israel-Palestine peace process rendered irrelevant.”

CBS News: “What does Trump’s Jerusalem move mean for the peace process?”

The Guardian: “Can the Middle East peace process survive Trump’s Jerusalem decision?”

BBC: “US recognition of Jerusalem ‘kiss of death’ for peace process.”

Time: “Palestinians Say Trump’s Jerusalem Move Ends US-Led Peace Process.”

Michael Ramirez’s response is, I think, definitive. Click to enlarge:

STEVE adds: The Israeli-Palestinian “peace process” has been a farce and the world’s biggest oxymoron for a long time, which is why I celebrate Trump’s move. The attitude of the Palestinians toward making a deal that respects Israel’s right to exist has always reminded me of the scene in Independence Day where the President, played by Bill Pullman, asks the telepathic alien captured and transported to Area 51:

“What do you want?”

Alien: “We want you to die!

Yup, that pretty much captures the Palestinian attitude toward Israel.