The Week in Pictures: Gropepocalypse Edition

It’s Day 58 of the Great Pervnado Panic of 2017 (counting the Harvey Weinstein New York Times story as Day One). Is it ever going to end? Seems not. Call me when the last perv is outed, and we can get back to a normal world. It does seem like cosmic justice, though. Charlie Rose was always an overrated puffed up poser. Matt Lauer was simply a smooth teleprompter reader. Their exalted status (and inflated paychecks) reveals the hollowness of our self-congratulatory elites. It’s now Groundhog Day of a different kind: six more weeks (or months) of rodents getting flushed out of the lairs.

You knew this one had to be coming.


Hat tip: @LimericksCafe

Headlines of the week:

I think this is what Trump calls “winning”:

This has to be the most millennial thing ever:

Now remember: you ladies did ask for more guys with gun pics: And finally. . .