The Week in Pictures: The Last Woke Force Returns Edition

. . . Or something. The latest Star Wars movie opens this weekend—it this the 115th installment in the series I think? I’m guessing it will involve light sabres, sabre-tooth aliens, troops in plastic armor that doesn’t seem to stop anything—and who, by the way, can’t hit anything, etc, etc. At least George Lucas isn’t around any more to make it into a parable about how terrible our current Republican president it, as he did in one of the dismal prequels. In fact, I think Donald Trump is the Revenge of the Force for Lucas’s thinly veiled attacks on George W. Bush. Who says politics is ever very far from entertainment.

Let’s see who gets this one:

What was that you were saying about Trump, Senator?

Though this pic could use a good caption, too:

Nice to see the Trump administration has a sense of humor, and will abolish the Department of Redundancy Department:

Environmentalists in junior high school:

And in a slight change to our usual format, a video of guys with guns suitable for the season:

And finally. . . because Star Wars: