Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll looks out upon the land and sees LOOPNER NATION. She writes:

Last week I talked about some very serious, very real sexual crimes. Today I want to look at the potential for disaster in believing every ancient accusation out of hand, without proof.

Back in the Bronze Age when Saturday Night Live was funny and the fabulous Gilda Radner, of blessed memory, was still alive, a recurring skit concerned the “Nerds” of the Loopner Family. Sadly, Mr. Loopner, who, for obvious reasons we never see, was “born without a spine.” Who knew he had sired millions and millions of children despite his serious disability? I am astonished and embarrassed by the utter lack of “spine,” “grit”, or real COURAGE of so many of our fellow citizens and nearly all politicians.

The masked fascism fighters who mock the courage of soldiers, firefighters, and police officers risking their lives every day are knocked aside like a twig swatted by Godzilla by a Twitter swarm. What’s with the masks, anyway? What cowardly, pretentious twits! I attended several large Tea Party rallies with nary a mask in sight. Sure, a few Colonial Army tri-corner hats, the occasional fife and drum, but no masks. No need to hide our identities. We planned to commit no crimes. No bicycle locks with which to whack people who were lined up to hear a speaker we hate, no arson, just leaving the area cleaner than when we arrived. For which we were dubbed the derogatory name of a sex act by Anderson Cooper. What a card, that guy!

Thank God the Brits didn’t have Twitter as a weapon when General Washington was crossing the Delaware. We might be speaking English now, calling trucks “lorries” and elevators “lifts” and eating vegetables that have been cooked for a minimum of 5 hours.

I had thought for just one horrible moment that I would have to say something positive about Lena Dunham who, for a nanosecond, defended a friend accused of a rape that allegedly occurred years earlier. But, before I even got my computer booted up, she folded like a cheap cardtable and recanted. Not that there was the slightest danger, but I’m glad I don’t have to count on her as a friend.

How do we learn courage? Where do we learn to stand up to the mob? Not just the violent mobs that the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and thousands of brave black people and white supporters faced. But the one formed by the cool kids in high school who will say nasty things about you that go viral and later not invite you to their Georgetown parties.

I learned a lot about courage from my Mama. Small lessons that left impressions. She stood an inch above five feet, weighed about 98 lbs. soaking wet. She was a little toughie, a dead-eye shot hunting, a South Dakota farm girl who could break an apple in half with her bare hands. She was always picked first when we chose sides for a sandlot softball game: “WE get Mrs. B. You guys have to take Susan. Put her in left field. Way out there. Further.”

Standing up to the crowd was child’s play to Mama. She was the only lady in the neighborhood who reached out to and befriended the new woman who moved in across the street. Gerri had a slight drinking problem and – are you sitting down? – was DIVORCED. Yes! Es verdad! Hard to believe now, but that was a big deal in 1958 small-town America. I think the poor woman may even have had her ears pierced. The Slut Trifecta!

In Memphis during Wartime, when Daddy was stationed there, Mama took a part-time job at a department store. At lunchtime, the clerks and secretaries would eat bag lunches in the company cafeteria. She noticed a black janitor always eating alone, and joined him for several days in a row, until another employee warned her that, not only would people call her hateful names, but that she could put HIS very life in jeopardy if she didn’t cease and desist. Mama was also a lifelong teetotaler who took a lot of crap for that stance, but never wavered.

But back to the loopy Loopner-esque Ms. Dunham. Her dreadful thoughtcrime was to doubt an accuser until further evidence. That is not allowed in Leftist World. Women NEVER lie about rape, asserted this clueless Tweet Queen. They lie about what they had for lunch, she joked, but not rape. Well, then, we’ve already established that they do lie, haven’t we? Have you weighed them and checked their Driver’s Licenses? How short is our collective national memory? She herself had a specious claim of rape in college and yet dares to opine!

We have the Duke Lacrosse Team disaster in 2006, complete with the 88 disgraceful faculty lemmings who acted as judge, jury and executioner in condemning the innocent young men whose lives and reputations were ruined. Before that, of course, we have the Tawana Brawley case in which a young black woman, encouraged or enlisted by Al Sharpton, charged 6 white police officers with smearing her with feces, and tossing her in a trash bin after raping her. None of which happened. So not only is a woman capable of lying about rape, but she is willing to smear herself with dog crap to make it credible.

We have the UVA fraternity hoax with a psycho ninny making up a lover out of whole cloth and then claiming he organized her gang rape. At least she cost the despicable Rolling Stone magazine when they wrote about her laughably-improbable tale. There were eight other college fake rape stories about the same time. Eight!

These are the famous incidents of fake rape accusations. In just my own life, I knew a then-young woman with a strict father. One night in the small town I grew up in she was coming home past her curfew and knew she was in trouble. She got out of her car, rolled in the dirt, tore her clothing, and told her father – and later the doctor and police – that she had been raped by 3 black men, who had been passing through town. It was all a pathetic tissue of lies which fell apart almost instantly under investigation. (Later, she was fired from her job in a nursing home for stealing money and jewelry from the aged residents. Nice gal!)

I know at least two women who falsely accused exes of molesting their own children in bitter divorces. Really, does it get any worse than that? Not for nothing does bearing false witness rate a particular mention early on in the 10 Commandments.

Men lie. Women lie. Children lie like rugs. Rose McGowan I believe. Ms. Tweeden I believe, even without the grotesque photographic evidence. But I have grave doubts about some of the #MeTooers. Mark my words: Turning America into a perpetual Salem Witch Hunt where any man can be destroyed just by accusations of incidents that allegedly happened 40 years earlier and can never be disproved will not end well. Ask not for whom the 10, 20, 30-year-old sexual assault accusation tolls, my brothers; it tolls for thee.

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