What about Bob?

A friend writes to raise a question about one of the anomalies in the current sexual misconduct/sexual harassment panic. He observes that in all the discussion of Senator Franken and related issues, it is curious that none of the Democratic senators — not Senator Gillibrand, not Senator Harris, not Senator Klobuchar, not any of the rest — has suggested that Senator Menendez take early retirement.

The bribery charges against Senator Melendez resulted in a hung jury. It is nevertheless unclear how the Democrats can now overlook allegations of Senator Menedez’s paid dalliances with young women in the Dominican Republic. They seem as credible as the 40-plus year-old allegations against Roy Moore and far more recent. Following the mistrial in the Menendez case, Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine took up the possible double standard.

Perhaps there will be a further awakening of the Democrats’ conscience after Democrat Phil Murphy is sworn in as the new Governor of New Jersey on January 16. Or does what happens in the Dominican Republic stay in the Dominican Republic?