Call me Moby

The great white electronic wailer known as Moby was in the news this week, advocating the claims of the Steele/Trump dossier in the course of a radio interview with WFPK in Louisville. Moby has been on the case since this past February, when he first posted an advisory after “meeting with friends in DC.” He conveyed his advisory on Instagram here to create “a public record beforehand” of events to come. According to Moby’s friends, Trump is “in collusion with the Russian government and has been since day one.”

And that’s not all. Moby had words of wisdom for those who fear and revile “the GOPe.” Moby warned that “there are right wing plans to get rid of trump. he’s a drain on their fundraising and their approval ratings, and the gop and koch brothers and other u.s right wing groups are planning to get rid of trump.” This, remember, according to Moby’s DC friends.

In the current interview that is in the news, Moby noted that his February advisory derived from “active and former CIA agents” whom he has befriended in the course of his professional pursuits. They asked him to asked him to advertise their intelligence to his social media following.

Elaborating on his advisory, Mr. Moby asserts of President Trump: “This is the Manchurian candidate.” In his update he asserts that “there is so much evidence that the Trump administration is really in bed with the Russians in a very pernicious way.” He says: “It’s really dark.”

It must be a conspiracy so immense. Have General Kelly, General McMaster, and Secretary Mattis got the memo?

“To what extent there’s collusion, I don’t know,” Mr. Moby conceded, “but where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

What is to be done? He reposes hope for the future in Rep. Adam Schiff. Cooler heads might reason that if this is a crisis Adam Schiff can resolve, it must not be as serious as advertised.

I don’t think the CIA needed Moby to get out the claim of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign or with President Trump. If the CIA was on this particular case, it had all the help it needed from Democratic politicians and their media adjunct. It didn’t need Moby. And I’m sure his fans were already on board at the time he issued his advisory in February 2016.

Pitchfork has posted audio of Moby’s radio interview here. Doing the right thing, “Pitchfork has reached out to Moby’s representatives for further comment.”


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