Dan Rather and Cenk Uygur, a perfect match [UPDATED]

This story is delicious. Dan Rather is making comeback on the Young Turks Network.

The 86 year-old will have a 30 minute show that focuses on matters he believes are receiving insufficient attention. He will also attempt to analyze “the hot topics of the day.”

Rather’s new job is the result of a meeting with Cenk Uygur, the leader of the Young Turks. “Something clicked” between the two, Rather says.

That’s not surprising. They have much in common.

Power Line has had an adversarial relationship with both. Scott and John played a leading role in Rather’s downfall when they helped demonstrate that his report disparaging George W. Bush’s service in the Texas National Guard was based on fake documents.

This was the beginning of the end for Rather. His work for the Young Turks marks the end of the end, surely. As Jim Treacher puts it, “[Rather has] fallen about as far as a professional journalist can fall: accepting a paycheck from Cenk Uygur.”

John and I clashed with Uygur years ago on an AOL blog in which Power Line, the Young Turks, and others participated. Uygur suffered from a serious case of Bush derangement syndrome. He posted one rubbish rant after another, many of which featured ad hominem attacks and distortion of the facts.

We called him on this from time to time. He didn’t like it.

Politico reported the highlight of our feud as follows:

A post [by Paul Mirengoff] generally defending the Bush administration’s handling of the war on terror, even though Osama bin Laden ha[d] not been captured, earned a response post from Uygur with the headline “Paul Mirengoff Celebrates Osama’s Freedom.”

Sadly, this was typical of Uygur’s work. I assume it still is.

Uygur and Rather should get along famously. Both are hatchet men with little regard for the truth.

UPDATE: Like so many of the worst men, Uygur was called out recently by the #MeToo movement. In his case, it was for vile statements about women.

I loved Uygur’s defense. He was a conservative Republican at the time, Uygur pleaded.

Too bad Al Franken couldn’t use that one.


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