Feinstein posts Simpson transcript

Senate Judiciary Committee member Dianne Feinstein has released the transcript of Fusion GPS principal Glenn Simpson’s interview this past August 17 and posted it online here. Feinstein released the transcript with the support of committee Democrats acting unilaterally.

In doing so, Feinstein and her Democratic colleagues are acting at Simpson’s behest. In his recent New York Times op-ed column (written with his colleague Peter Fritsch), Simpson complained about Republicans’ leak of selected details from his testimony to various congressional committees.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Grassley has resisted the release of the transcript while the committee has yet to complete its investigation. Senator Grassley is not happy with Feinstein.

CNBC has posted a quick take identifying highlights of Simpson’s interview here. Readers following the story will want to review the transcript themselves. I am also following the comments of informed observers such as the Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel via Twitter. Andrew McCarthy’s current NRO column on the Steele Dossier is also helpful in this context.

Something is happening here. I trust all will become clear in the fullness of time.