Liberals Offer a “Shadow Cabinet.” Resist!

People For Against the American Way has organized something called America’s Cabinet. I will let them describe it:

America’s Cabinet is a non-partisan project launched by the Young Elected Officials Network (YEO) that offers a vision of what America can be for all Americans. America’s Cabinet is a group of young local elected officials educating and informing the general public about what Washington should be doing now to support communities across America and offering a positive vision for how America can live up to its promise.

Right. The Young Elected Officials Network is yet another “nonpartisan program of People For the American Way Foundation.” Non-partisan, but far left. So far, the “America’s Cabinet” project is pretty obscure. I know about it because of an email that Ilhan Omar, whom Scott has written about repeatedly, sent out this morning. Omar, a state representative here in Minnesota, is enthusiastic about America’s Cabinet because she is in it:

I am excited to announce the launch of America’s Cabinet! I am proud to be one of the elected representatives to serve on the Cabinet as the Secretary of Homeland Security, and I want to invite you join us on this journey and follow our work.

If you know anything about Ilhan Omar, you might have expected her to be Secretary of Bigamy, or Secretary of Immigration Fraud. But no! In the “Shadow Cabinet,” as it is called on the PFAW web site, she is Secretary of Homeland Security. What Omar knows about homeland security, other than how to evade it, is anyone’s guess. But that is typical of the Left: words are often used to signify the opposite of their actual meanings.

The concept of the Shadow Cabinet originated, I believe, in the U.K. It is a cabinet in waiting, pending the ouster of the current government. The concept is thus singularly applicable to the current moment here in the U.S., where liberals believe that any day now, President Trump will be thrown out of office via impeachment…or the 25th Amendment…or liberals stamping their feet on an awards show that hardly anyone watches…or something.


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