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Donald Trump, Intersectional Feminist?

So Donald Trump says he’s “not a feminist.” I’m not sure whether to laugh hard, or laugh even harder. Especially at the reaction that might have ensured if he had said he is a feminist!

It’s actually even better than that: Trump turns out to be the perfect “intersectionalist”! In his interview with Piers Morgan, Trump said, “No, I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist. I mean, I think that would be, maybe, going too far. I’m for women, I’m for men, I’m for everyone.

“I’m for everyone.” That used to be known as “equality.” Which is the old “intersectionality” properly understood, before the Orwellian left turned equality on its head.


Grumpy Grammys:

Scott has already noted that the Grammy Awards last night went Full Resistance. Well guess what? Variety reports this morning:

Grammy Awards Ratings Down Sharply From 2017 in Early Nielsen Numbers

Viewership of Sunday’s 60th annual Grammy Awards looks to be down significantly from the 2017 telecast, according to preliminary Nielsen numbers.

The show in Nielsen’s overnight metered markets averaged 12.7 household rating and 21 share in the 56 overnight metered markets, which cover about 70% of U.S. TV households. That’s down from a 16 household rating for the 2017 telecast.

This follows news of the worst box office in years for Hollywood movies in 2017. To quote the great Ian Faith, Hollywood’s audience isn’t shrinking; it’s becoming “more selective.”


Where did today’s Democrats came from?

Everyone knows that Britain has its Monster Raving Looney Party, but the U.S. has had its equivalents. It would take too long, and wouldn’t be interesting, to explain just why I have my nose in Herbert Alexander’s classic (to specialists) book, Financing the 1968 Election, but this footnote from page 140 about obscure third parties is just too good not to share:

These included the Peace and Freedom Party on the ballot in six states, with Eldridge Cleaver its candidate in four states, the Universal Party, the Theocratic Party—and however identified, the so-called candidates, serious and spurious, sober and humorous, of Pigasus (the black pig standard bearer of the the Youth International Party), Louis Abolafia (the naked love candidate), and Pat Paulsen (the comic whose antics caused CBS some anxious moments about equal time resulting from his appearance on the Smothers Brothers Show).

Nearly all of those old parties disappeared into the mist, but I suspect many of the youthful enthusiasts for them are today’s Bernie Sanders supporters.


Speaking of raving looney leftists, this has to be tweet of the day:

Good to know that “not every” New York Times writer is a white supremacist. Krugman is safe for another day. He’s just a light polemicist, practicing light polemicy! (“Down with the polemiarchy!”)


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