Memo to Gov. Brown, Re: Public Pensions

It may be hard for readers to believe this—and I do advise sitting down—but Gov. Jerry Brown is—relatively speaking, mind you—about the only adult in the room in Sacramento among Democrats. If you doubt me, just wait till we have a governor named “Gavin” next year (which California richly deserves), and you’ll see what I mean.

Governor Moonbeam has actually vetoed a lot of bad bills that any other liberal in the state would have signed, and he actually holds the line on spending a little bit (except for crazy high speed trains—I did say relatively speaking up above). Recently Brown warned that in some time in the future California public employee pensions will need to take a serious haircut. This is heresy for a Democrat.

I’m thinking it may play out something like this installment from Yes, Prime Minister about public pension calculations: