Sabo: We All Knew

I’ve never met the California street activist who goes by the name Sabo. He is, I believe, a Hispanic former gang member who discovered conservative principles and has become the conscience of southern California. The Golden Globes, which I take it are some sort of movie awards, are coming up, and Sabo is on the case. He highlights the issue of sexual harassment by liberals, and the complicity of the entire liberal Hollywood community:

It seems obvious that they all must have known about liberal sexual abuse. Only now, when it is convenient, are Hollywood’s liberals turning on their friends.

Of course, Hollywood liberals have no intention of doing any such thing. Meryl Streep referred to Harvey Weinstein, clearly a felon and likely slated for a long term in state prison, as “god.” Am I the only one who finds this completely weird?

“We all knew.” This Sabo movie poster is a classic:

Is Sabo a genius? Close enough. Wouldn’t it be great if he showed up in Minneapolis for next month’s Super Bowl? Scott thinks so. So do I.