The deep meaning of Keith Ellison

Edward-Isaac Dovere reported in Politico yesterday that Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison is exploring a run for Minnesota Attorney General. Dovere confirmed his story with four acquaintances of Ellison with whom Ellison has discussed the possibility. Dovere adds that Ellison “has indicated to several people close to him in recent days that he’s less likely to run,” although Ellison still “finds the idea enticing.”

In addition to serving in Congress, Ellison holds the position of deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee. According to Dovere, Ellison “has grown listless and bored” as a congressional backbencher and is frustrated serving at the pleasure of DNC chairman Tom Perez. Ellison has been ready to move on for a while, as I inferred from his disingenuous 2014 memoir cum manifesto My Country, ‘Tis of Thee.

The rumors about Ellison’s possible interest in running for Minnesota Attorney General have floated around Twin Cities political circles for several weeks. I noted them earlier this month in “Understanding Keith Ellison.”

Dovere omits any mention of Ellison’s background in Minnesota. Ellison was a long-time activist in the Nation of Islam. Ellison was big into “Minister Farrakhan” (as he unfailingly referred to him) and Farrakhan’s causes. He has worked with or spoken up for assorted murderers, cop killers, and terrorists including Sharif Willis (the Vice Lords), Joanne Chesimard/Assata Shakur (Black Liberation Army), and Kathleen Soliah/Sara Jane Olson (Symbionese Liberation Army).

The FBI made Chesimard/Shakur the first woman named to its Top 10 Most Wanted Terrorists list. She is holed up in Cuba in the sheltering arms of the Communist thugs who run the show. In the Ellison speech quoted in the post linked above, Ellison prays for the survival of the Communist regime to protect Chesimard from justice in the United States (“I hope the Cuban people can stick to it because the freedom of some good decent people [i.e., Chesimard] depends on it”).

It is a disgrace that Ellison represents a Minnesota congressional district and serves as the deputy chairman of the Democratic Party. His dreams of continuing his pursuits as Minnesota Attorney General should amount to little more than sick fantasy. Instead, they have become the rational aspirations of an ambitious Democrat swimming in what now passes for the mainstream of his party.