The Tom Cotton You Don’t Know

Michael Morell is the former Acting Director of the CIA and current contributor to The Cipher Brief. He hosts the site’s Intelligence Matters podcast. In his January 25 podcast he interviewed Senator Tom Cotton (audio below). Here is the summary:

Republican U.S. Senator and Army veteran Tom Cotton is often described as a hawkish conservative for taking a hardline stance on issues like immigration and the Iran nuclear deal. In this interview, Michael Morell steps away from policy and gets a sense of the Arkansas senator’s character, political philosophy and driving influences. Cotton talks about working as his father’s farm hand and learning about his dad’s service in Vietnam. He also discusses his time studying political science and political philosophy at Harvard, and how 9/11 “changed everything,” setting him on the course towards military service and then, the U.S. Senate.

We are friends and fans of Senator Cotton. This is an informative and compelling interview. The focus is on biography. Having learned much I didn’t know about a man I greatly admire, I found it to be well worth my time.