This Column Didn’t Age Well

I suppose we shouldn’t gloat too much on the Democratic capitulation on the government shut down. . . Oh heck, yes we should! And here’s a great example of something to gloat over: Davis Faris’s column in The Week, published on Saturday:

In the government shutdown standoff, Democrats have all the leverage

The president’s party, which is already staring down an epic and richly deserved repudiation in November, can ill afford to get blamed for yet another episode of government dysfunction. That means Democrats have maximum leverage, and they have thus far succeeded in not kicking it away. The polling is unambiguous: A Washington Post/ABC News poll released yesterday found that respondents would blame Republicans for the shutdown by a 20-point margin. . .

And that’s where Democrats will really be able to twist the knife. Here’s what they should say: The compromise that Chuck and Nancy offered you, the one that gave the president most of what he wanted and asked for and that you tossed in the trash? That’s a dead letter. These are our terms. You can sign right here.

Isn’t this about the time to cue the Southwest Air Lines ad: “Need to get away?” I hear Cuba is really nice this time of year.


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