Thoughts from the ammo line

In the face of the sexual harassment panic Ammo Grrrll rises to speak up for the CREDIBLY ACCUSED. She writes:

Maybe 20 or 25 years ago I recorded on VHS tape a comedy set by a very funny Southern comic named Blake Clark. He had one bit I particularly liked that I will paraphrase badly now: “A man goes into a bank to rob it. He is captured on security tape IN the bank. There are several witnesses IN the bank who can identify him. The teller has hit the silent alarm. The robber comes out of the bank and is arrested… WITH the gun and the loot. And in the evening’s news report, the media calls him … ‘the SUSPECT.’” Who, of course, has been advised by his lawyer to plead “Not Guilty.”

This hypothetical bank robber caught in broad daylight with a mountain of evidence has far more rights than any man accused of sexual assault, sexual harassment, touching, or “making a woman ‘uncomfortable’,” itself apparently a brand new crime. Being “comfortable” is now a God-given legal right – evidently just for women — along with life, liberty and the pursuit of publicity. Who knew?

And how is a man described who has any of the above sex charges flung at him? CREDIBLY ACCUSED. What a charming new weasel phrase THAT is. “Credible” to whom?

When a stripper/hooker said she was raped at Duke, 88 faculty members found her word enough to demand the immediate expulsion of the “credibly accused” students plus – but, of course – a full scholarship offered to the drug-addled accuser.

When a delusional, lonely woman made up an imaginary lover who took her to a fraternity party and then organized her gang-rape, otherwise intelligent people – and a woman writer for Rolling Stone — found this laughably-unlikely scenario totally believable and the fraternity boys were “credibly accused.” Ah, all women must be believed, right? Even the certifiable.

So ingrained now into our social justice culture is the verifiably false notion that all women are telling the truth about sex that vast sums of taxpayer monies have been paid out on behalf of politicians. How many were for dreadful acts and how many were just to “make things go away” we have no way of knowing. This is surely not to imply that a lot of those grotesque excuses for human beings are not, in fact, scum-sucking pigs. But, think for one New York minute about the potential for get-rich schemes by #Me-Too accusers.

To be accused is to be guilty without any forum for confronting your accuser, determining the facts, or even – in the case of Tavis Smiley and hundreds of college boys – finding out what you have been accused of! Franz Kafka, meet Joseph Stalin.

Here are several things I know about men, women, and sex: these aren’t popular or permitted things to say, but they are true. Women like to be wanted, to be pursued, to flirt and try to seduce. To deny this reality is to be dishonest. Why else do you need a gas mask to get into an office building elevator filled with young secretaries? Who needs perfume to go to work?

The entire clothing industry is geared to be either peekaboo revealing or downright slutty. The sole purpose of a deep v-neck blouse is to say, “Woohoo, look at me. I have large breasts!” I defy anyone – of any gender – NOT to look when a woman is displaying six inches of cleavage. She can be disingenuous and point to her eyes and say, “I’m up here,” but then, why the heck are you wearing that shirt, honey?? I’m not saying she should be ashamed; I’m just saying she should admit the effect she is after and own it.

When the actresses in Hollywood wear Oscar dresses with 2 ounces of fabric, when Megyn and Mika have publicity shots that could be accurately described as “vampy” at best, what is the message here? I will put up my Dream House in Arizona in a bet that no network of any kind will ever hire an on-camera “journalist” who looks like the late and unlamented Helen Thomas. Make no mistake; I do not want women in burqas. I just don’t want them pretending that they aren’t trading on their looks and sex appeal. They are. And then getting all huffy and demanding money when a man responds.

Men are hard-wired to respond. They will try, especially when they feel that there has been at least a hint of a shadow of a penumbra of an invitation to do so. This, kids, is how people become couples and how, eventually, new people come into the world!

Ben Affleck was accused of touching one woman’s breast some 15-20 years ago. He has apologized and given the obligatory nod to how brave and important it is that these ancient accusations see the light of day. I am guessing that often alcohol is involved as well as “mixed messages” about whether such a touch would be welcome. Sometimes in these lurid tales it is reported that the woman told others at the time that it had happened. You bet your life she did! And there is an excellent chance that she dined out on it and hoped that it might mean that Ben would call her in the future. But now she will get more out of joining the vast, professional-victim horde of offended delicate maidens.

We have had several decades now of raunchy women proclaiming liberation from old-fashioned notions of ladylike behavior. A popular comedienne had an opening line: “My mother has a bumper sticker that says ‘Honk if you’ve f—-d my daughter.’” Recently, Mr. AG and I were watching a standup showcase with six new comedians. After a couple of pretty funny opening acts, a cute, young blonde woman did 10 graphic, gross, cringe-worthy, and unfunny minutes on the mechanics of anal sex. After 30 years in the trenches, I am pretty hard to shock, but Mr. AG and I just stared at each other in disbelief before turning it off.

We had Sex in the City, in which the women had much sex with many partners and then gathered to talk about sex and silly overpriced shoes. We had House of Cards, in which the now-disgraced Kevin Spacey playing a Democrat politician had sex with men and women and had some inconvenient partners killed afterwards. Our culture is marinated in porn-level sex 24/7 and yet men are supposed to behave at all times like blind monks.

“Credibly accused” is no substitute for “Innocent until proven guilty.” Danger, Will Robinson! Giving power-mad, leftwing feminists the unassailable right to use unsubstantiated, decades-old accusations as a weapon in the War on Men is like giving razor blades to a chimp. Except that, to my knowledge, chimps don’t deliberately lie for fame and profit.

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