What Is Power Line VIP?

Tonight we did a live YouTube event for Power Line VIPs. You may have seen references to it on the site, and you may have wondered, what is a PL VIP? If you click on the dark blue box with a picture of the Lincoln Memorial at the top of our right sidebar, you can get the details. Being a VIP costs $4.80 a month or $48 a year.

What do you get for that? First and most importantly, you support our work here at Power Line. If you read us regularly and think our efforts are worth $48 a year to you, we urge you to consider signing up. Beyond that, there are two benefits. Being a VIP means that most ads are eliminated when you visit our site. (Not quite all, for obscure technical reasons.) Power Line is not one of those sites–I won’t name any names–where you have to fight through pop-ups with a machete to read an article, and we never will be. But we do have ads, and many readers would rather dispense with them.

The final benefit of being a VIP is special events like tonight’s live YouTube show. We have done a number of these, and they are a lot of fun–for us, and I think for VIPs who participate. Sometimes we have guests, like Norman Podhoretz or Howard Root, but usually it is just the four of us discussing (or debating) the issues of the day. The conversation is lively, to say the least, and uncensored. And often funny. The YouTube/Google Chat format allows us to take questions and comments from the VIPs who are participating. Tonight, we took a lot of them.

And there are various other miscellaneous benefits, like videos by Steve Hayward explaining the doctrine of substantive due process. I got an A in Constitutional Law–quite a few years ago, admittedly–but I learned a lot from Steve’s lectures. They were great, and entertaining. I am also pressuring Steve to create a video or two, exclusively for VIPs, using the drone and virtual reality headset that he displayed at the beginning of tonight’s show. And we are exploring a book deal that we hope to unveil soon.

So if you enjoy our site, and if $48 a year is not a big investment for you, we urge you to consider becoming a VIP. We are always looking for ways to make the VIP program more valuable, so if you have ideas in that regard, we want to hear them.


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