Ask Us Anything, Baby

Power Line readers who are members of our exclusive circle of VIPs will be well aware that, from time to time, we conduct live video broadcasts via a private YouTube link. Broadcasting from our homes in, variously, Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, and central and northern California, we dilate on the news of the day, enjoy a glass or two of scotch, and fire up dangerous fast-moving drone aircraft indoors. In a word, it’s fun. Here’s what it looks like:

We’ve decided that it needs more of you, though. With this post, we announce the first-ever Power Line Ask Us Anything. We invite you to email us with questions which, if worthy, will be answered in a live broadcast to take place this Friday evening.

Email your questions to: [email protected].

Power Line readers can submit questions on any subject, and addressed to any one of us, or to all of us. Screeds will be looked down upon. Limericks will be considered, and probably dismissed unless extremely funny. Questions premised upon the idea that soccer is a real sport will be forwarded to Paul’s personal inbox but otherwise ignored. Questions written in Russian will have top priority. Susan Rice will have the opportunity to read all questions before I do, and may memorialize them, erroneously, in an email to herself.

Active Power Line VIP members will soon be receiving an email with the private link for the live broadcast, which will take place on Friday evening. If you are not a PL VIP member, there is of course still time to join.

In honor of our little Ask us Anything experiment, here’s Tony Bennett singing Cole Porter.